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21 August 2015

We would like to tell you all about Medieval Day, which was held a few weeks ago. All of our comments are from the Reflections of 7E and 7F. In the Games activity we learnt that people used what they had available like pieces of wood or a wooden club – not very high tech. They played a lot of games at the taverns and there were gambling games where people tried to win money or food by betting – a lot like today. They were sometimes brutal and violent, like Hit the Kettle, so some of us got hit in the head. They were rigged so that the tavern owners got most of the money. One was a blindfold game. We played a Viking game called Kubb, which was used by the Vikings to train for battle and war. The Vikings would set up mini pieces of wood and practice axe throwing. We played a chasing game called Tierce. You had to always be alert and have self-awareness


The Costumes and Lifestyle activity involved some of us getting dressed up. You had to wear clothing according to your rank in society. There was a certain shoe length and if your shoe was too long it was illegal. People would show their wealth by the clothes they wore - like the longer your leather belt was or the more wool you wore – the richer you were. Underwear was optional for women. They wore lots of layers. They wore linen instead of cotton. Royals sometimes had no choice of whom they married. Women were expected to be pregnant by the time they were 16 and have a child every two years. Life was harsh back then with food and crops. The movie we watched was called ‘A Knight’s Tale’ and it showed that you could only be a knight and joust in tournaments, if you were born of noble blood. You scored points depending where you hit an opponent and you could die jousting from the sharp lances. However, you could make some money if you were good at it. Medieval Music and Dance was another activity where we were told about the history of music and learned a dance. Instruments were made of animal bones, antlers and animal body parts. All musicians were poor and the instruments were hard to play. The dance was more like a puzzle than a common dance. The people had festivals and parties


The final activity was about Arms and Armour and some people got to try on some armour. It took a long time of about 30 minutes to put on the armour; armour was custom made and made of iron, but heavy to wear with knights wearing up to 24- 30 kilograms. A spear is a very handy weapon especially at close range. A sword is quite light and there are many different defensive and attacking positions that you can use for sword fighting. Maces can hit bones through armour and there is more than one way to kill someone with an axe. One of the best activities for the day was when we got to make a shield wall, to attack an enemy position by blocking arrows from archers. We used tennis balls instead of arrows and it was fun throwing the tennis balls. Thank you to Miss Hastie and the other teachers for organising the day. 7E & 7F POD