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YEAR 10 OUTDOOR EDUCATION: Team Building & Water Safety

04 March 2016

The Year 10 Outdoor Education program commenced with a series of hands - on initiative tasks, trust activities and small team challenges designed to further develop students’ skills in teamwork, communication, organisation and problem solving. Students have sinc e b een working towards developing an understanding of the dangers associated with adventuring in and around various water environments and h ow to minimise the risk of injury or drowning. As part of their assessment, students are required to design a brochure aimed at edu cat ing teenagers on the likely hazards at pools, rivers, lakes and beaches and how to reduce the risk of danger at each of these environments. Th is task also requires students to outline the major steps involved when attempting to rescue a swimmer in trouble. Students completed a swimming te st earlier this week, which involved treading water for up to three minutes, followed by 50m of freestyle and 50m of a survival stroke, i.e. sur vival backstroke, breaststroke or sidestroke. Students were also tested on their ability to dive and swim for up to 10m underwater, and duck di ve to retrieve an item from the bottom of the pool. Over the past week, students have been studying the history of surfboard design and how thi s h as changed over time. This unit also focuses on developing an understanding of beach awareness, wave formation, how to identify a rip cu rre nt, surf skills and etiquette, and the use of technology and how this might effect participation. The practical component involves a series o f s urfing lessons as detailed below:

Week 6: Fri 4/3 (S2 - 4) - Surfing at Ocean Grove

Week 7: Fri 11/3 (S2 - 4) - Surfing at Torquay

Week 8: Fri 18/3 (S2 - 4) - Surf Kayaking at Cosy Corner, Torquay

Brent Hodges Year 10 Outdoor Education