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Year 7 Girls Soccer Report

31 May 2016

Everyone contributed.

We were the worst team, we lost all our games, but we played fair.

It was fun.

We had to learn new things and get to know new people.

We were persistent.

We had good teamwork and sportsmanship.

I got to know all the other girls better.

We still tried and participated and winning didn’t matter.

Everyone worked well as a team.

We got stronger the longer we played and we can win next year!

Lily S, Skye R, Shannon M, Paris T, Erin D, Keisha R, Nykita C, Shea J, Paige F, Olivia D, Bella G, Tara O, Montana B, Sienna C,


Lara 1 lost to Oberon 2 – Lily S 1

Lara 2 lost to Matthew Flinders 3 – Shannon M 1, Lily S 1

Lara 2 lost to Geelong 3 – Shannon M 1, Lily S 1