Vocational Education & Training - VET

VET is Vocational Education and Training. VET provides an opportunity for students to learn from experience in training institutions and actual workplaces and to gain a nationally recognised qualification.

VET courses are programs that have been designed by industries to train people for that particular industry. VET courses skill people in specific areas that directly relate to requirements of that workplace.

Because they are designed by industry, VET courses increase the chances of employability of the student in that particular industry.

How does VET work?

VET as part of VCE

Many VET courses are also accredited as VCE units. This allows the student to train in a particular industry and complete VCE units in the same course. This is known as VCE VET. These 3/4 units may contribute to a student's ENTER (Equivalent National Tertiary Entrance Rank), some via Scored Assessment similar to that of a VCE subject.

Other VET courses can also count towards VCE based on the number of nominal hours for the course. Certificate II courses can count towards VCE at Unit 1/2 level and certificate III courses can count towards Unit 3/4 level.

VET as part of VCAL

Students studying for their VCAL certificate usually complete part or all of a VET certificate. These students will complete their course with a VCAL certificate and a VET certificate.

Any accredited VET course at certificate I, II or III level can make up part of a VCAL program.

A VET pathway has many advantages for students:

  • Provides a more vocational focus that can include work placement.
  • Develops skills and work place competencies that are valued by employers and so improves job opportunities
  • Offers completion of two certificates: a VET certificate along with either VCE or VCAL.

VET courses for Lara Secondary College students are completed at offsite providers on either a Monday or Wednesday afternoon. Some courses have a commitment that students attend work experience or extra classes during school holiday periods so it is important that students are fully aware of their expectations of their course prior to applying.