Senior Transitions

Pathways teachers for each student in Years 10 – 12  support students with their transition within the senior years at Lara Secondary College and beyond.  Students learn study skills to help them achieve their best results across their subjects. They also engage in career exploration through both structured classwork and our partnerships with Deakin University and the Gordon TAFE.  Families are highly supported to make informed decisions about the most appropriate programs in the senior years, and  successful student pathways to life after secondary school.

Our Careers Advisor provides one on one expert guidance to our senior students to further assist them in achieving their desired pathway, whether that be further study at University or TAFE, traineeships, apprenticeships, work experience or employment.

Our Senior Pathways program involves many events including visits to Deakin University and Gordon TAFE, guest presenters from Victorian universities, parent information evenings and course counseling appointments. 

Year 9 into Year 10 – Parent Information Evening – Term Three

An information evening attended by the entire Year 10 teaching team and Year 9 TLC teachers to support students and their parents to make an informed decision about their Central Studies Program. It is also an opportunity for students to learn about the Accelerated Learning Program and VET / SBA programs available.

Year 10 in to Year 11 – Parent Information Evening – Term Three

An information evening attended by the entire Senior Years Team to support students and parents to make an informed decision about their VCE / VCAL pathway and appropriate subject selections. External VET and SBA (School Based Apprenticeships) providers and representatives from the Gordon Tafe and Deakin University attend to further support families. All VCE and VCAL teachers set up subject stalls for families to engage in subject specific conversations.

Year 10 into Year 11 – and – Year 11 in to Year 12 course counselling

Involves all Year 10 and 11 students and their parents meeting for a One on One twenty minute consultation with their Pathways Teacher to select subjects for their Year 11 and 12 Programs. Subject selection is based on their future pathway following extensive career exploration in Pathways classes and a consultation with the Careers Counsellor. The At-Risk process is included during Course Counselling if required.

Success in the Senior Years – Information Evening for Year 12 families

An information evening attended by the Year 12 teaching team to provide families with specific information about the requirements of the Victorian Certificate of Education and Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning. Parents will learn strategies to encourage, motivate and support our Year 12 students during their final year of schooling. Parents will have the opportunity to ask questions about the Year 12 program in an open forum, and discuss their child’s progress with their current Year 12 teachers.