Student Support

The Thinking and Living (TLC) / Pathways program

The Thinking and Living (TLC) teachers are directly responsible for the well-being of students throughout years 7-9 (Middle Years), whilst Pathways teachers are directly responsible for the well-being of students throughout years 10-12 (Senior Years). A Program Leader at each year level supports these teachers, whilst our Middle Years Leader and Senior Years Leader oversee the development of innovative curriculum and works in close consultation with out Student Wellbeing Leader and Assistant Principals.

Student Wellbeing Team: 

  • School Counsellor - Provides support and counselling for all students, and provides links to families and welfare agencies for students at risk.
  • Community Liaison Coordinator – Develops partnerships between the school, community and parents, whilst also coordinating Restorative Practice across the college.
  • School Chaplain – Coordinates the Hands On Learning Program, whilst also offering student support and pastoral care to all students, teachers and families.
  • Career Pathways Advisor - Contributes to the career education of all students via counselling regarding courses/career options, whilst also liaising with transitions and pathways providers.

Supporting students at risk:

Processes are put in place to ensure that student at risk of not successfully completing a year level are supported by the school, in conjunction with parents.

  • Student attendance is closely monitored and SMS messages sent to parents when students are absent without reason. We know that to achieve their potential, students must attend at least 90% of their classes.
  • Students who are not achieving the Guaranteed Curriculum, or who have not satisfactorily completed Assessment Tasks are supported in class and through out of class programs such as Free Tutoring in Maths and English, Outcome Completion Sessions and Accountability sessions.
  • Where students are struggling to be successful across several areas, a Student Support Group (SSG) will be convened, and Individual Education Plans put in place to set achievable goals for students, and provide support for them to achieve these goals across a period of time.

Our Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD) support:

A comprehensive program to integrate students with additional needs is available at Lara Secondary College:

  • The Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD) is overseen by the Principal Class.
  • Programs are developed and implemented in consultation with parents, staff and integration aides.
  • Students have an Education Support room available during lunch and recess.
  • A life skills program supports the needs of students at their own level of need.
  • Student Support Group (SSG) meetings are held regularly to develop Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) and to discuss student progress.
  • An extensive transition program is made available to students with additional needs as they transition from grade 6 into secondary school.

Well-being programs:

  • Hands on Learning (HOL) – Aims to provide students with opportunities to build confidence, learn new skills and experience team work through ‘hands on’ learning applications. The program encourages students to take the values instilled at HOL into the classroom and into their home life.
  • Newstart – Outside agency aimed at re-engaging students who are dis-engaged and at risk of leaving school.
  • Boys Go Extreme - An activity based year 7 and 8 boys groups that is run annually with the City of Greater Geelong and focusses on harnessing student’s leadership qualities and skills.
  • Self-defence Program – Training sessions conducted at Lara Secondary aimed at teaching student’s self-confidence and life skills, with additional self-defence skills.
  • Breakfast Club – Breakfast club runs once a week for any students wishing to join in.  A great way to start the school week.
  • Seasons – Grief and Loss support program conducted by a qualified counsellor.
  • Koorie Support – Koorie students have the opportunity to attend many events throughout the course of the year aiming at assisting them with goal setting and career advice. Support is offered from outside agencies within the region for our Koorie students and their families.
  • Police in Schools – Aims to build positive relationships between Police and students in the local community.
  • Mindfulness - Mindfulness meditation sessions are run at different times throughout the year. Mindfulness allows students to unwind and focus, which can be beneficial to their general wellbeing.

Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) Girls Group - A Year 8 girls group run annually with the City of Greater Geelong that introduces students to mindfulness and values based decision making.