Music Extravaganza

The Lara Secondary College Music Extravaganza took place on Saturday December 1st. We were lucky enough to be joined by students from Bairnsdale Secondary College’s Concert Band and Stage Band who were on their final leg of their end of Year band tour.

The students from LSC Stage Band enjoyed an afternoon full of workshops and music making with the Bairnsdale bands. Students from the LSC Rock Bands and Choir also participated in workshops with Tim Sly, Callum Shortal and Michael Dimovski in preparation for our evening concert.

The concert was an amazing success with a range of soloists and Bands from LSC and Bairnsdale SC performing. The final performances of the evening were combined Concert Band and Stage Band items that the students had worked on during the workshops in the afternoon.

One of the highlights of the evening was impromptu dancing from audience members during a few of the items. A huge thank you to staff and students from Bairnsdale Secondary and Staff and Students from Lara Secondary for giving up their Saturday to put on this fantastic event.