Lara Kids Lead Indonesia Tour

Lara Secondary College year 9 students Kiara Kryger, Aidan Waterfield, Todd Postolov, Brodie Haugh and Annie Loone have been selected to take part in a new overseas study program.

A group of Geelong high schoolers will take part in a new overseas travel experience this September.

Forty year 9 students from across the state will travel overseas in the first Victorian Young Leaders to Indonesia program.

More than half of the chosen students are from the Geelong region, with Lara Secondary College having more representatives than any other school.

The college’s Indonesian teacher Madeline Macreadie-Smith said the program would be “life-changing” for students.

“Having this program on your resume in the current global climate is really beneficial,” she said.

The new initiative is based on Victorian Young Leaders to China program which has enabled 1400 students to live, learn and explore in the country.

The six-week Indonesia program would provide students with an “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” Ms Macreadie-Smith said.

“We’ve had study tours before, but this is a unique language and cultural learning experience.

“Indonesian is a popular subject among our students, so it’s great we’re able to extend this learning beyond the classroom.”

Ms Macreadie-Smith said the program provides advantages for both students and schools.

“Students will discover the nation’s thriving culture and they’ll get to experience daily life in an Indonesian school,” she said.

“As a school it’s great to be able to be closer to our Indonesian neighbours, share resources and continue to develop strong ongoing relationships.”

Article by Natalee Kerr (Appeared on Geelong Indy)