We establish a very close relationship with parents as a part of our school culture. We believe that such communication enables the school to provide the best learning environment possible for the students.

Student Wellbeing and Management

Parents and students are encouraged to read the Lara Secondary College Student Engagement Policy (located on our web site) in order to develop an understanding of our student wellbeing and management practices and protocols.

Lara Secondary College implements a ‘whole school’ approach to student support and wellbeing. We care for the emotional, social and intellectual wellbeing of all our students in an ‘holistic’ manner and recognise that other aspects of a student’s life can have a significant impact on their education. We aim to establish a happy, safe, secure and cooperative learning environment, where the individual needs of students are of the utmost importance.

The College’s team structure enables Heads of School, Year Level Coordinators and Classroom teachers, to give students individual attention and develop a clear understanding of the wellbeing needs of their students. The College believes that the strength of the relationship that exists between the teacher and their students is a vital link in the development of a caring and supportive learning environment at the College.

To assist with this process, we also have a comprehensive Student Wellbeing and Intervention Team, which includes the Senior and Junior School Assistant Principals, the Senior and Junior School Leading Teachers, the Wellbeing Leader, our Student Counsellor and Youth Worker.


There are a number of valuable resources available in the form of our Handbooks, Reports and Guides.

All of these resources are designed to make student and parent interactions with Lara Secondary College easier. We also welcome your feedback as to how these resources may be further improved.

School Bus Routes

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“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow”


“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow”

School Improvement Policy

Lara Secondary College teaching and non-teaching staff expect students to continually improve their skills and understanding, but also we recognize that all students learn at a different pace. With this in mind, the College has implemented a ‘School Improvement Policy’ for students across Years 7 – 10.

Students from Years 7 – 10 have the opportunity to act on the feedback they receive from their teachers when they complete either a test or submit an assignment.

By focusing on the amount of effort a student needs to contribute to a learning task to achieve an outstanding grade, this will assist them in developing their growth mindset and an overall understanding that it takes hard work and not natural intelligence to achieve success.

BYOD Program

A BYOD (bring your own device) program allows students to choose a classroom device that best suits their learning needs. Some may prefer the light weight and ease of use of a Chromebook. Others might prefer the power and capacity of a MacBook. Students are encouraged to purchase any device that meets the minimum requirements set out in page 28 of the Parent Handbook Please take the minimum requirements with you at purchase time to ensure you get a suitable device.

Lara Secondary college heavily leverages ICT in the classroom to enhance students learning. It is an expectation that this device is brought to school every day and to every lesson.